Bridge construction is at the core of what we do. Whether it is new construction or rehabilitation, roadway, railroad, or pedestrian/multi-use, we can build it.

We have hands on experience and specialize in bridge construction including:

  • Reinforced cast-in-place concrete
  • Precast girder & deck erection
  • Prestressing and post-tensioning of concrete
  • Steel girder erection
  • Spliced prestressed girder construction
  • Segmental installation
  • Structures over roadways, railroad, waterways, environmentally sensitive areas

Bridges serve the utilitarian purpose to provide access and to overcome obstacles, but they can also serve as monuments and landmarks contributing to the aesthetic identity of a community.  The inherent beauty of a bridge is its value; the perfect balance of structural integrity, material optimization, sustainability, cost-effectiveness and safety all accounted for to meet the required functionality while minimizing resource usage and environmental impact.  In essence, an equilibrium of needs and wants with maximum efficiency.

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