Hydrodemolition is the process of removing concrete and surface coatings with high pressure water. This process is extremely effective at removing delaminated and deteriorated concrete from sound substrate by selective removal, but also has the ability to remove concrete to adjustable depths indiscriminately. This process does not damage structural or reinforcing steel, but leaves the steel material blasted clean of rust and delaminates.

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There are several benefits and uses of hydrodemolition including:

  • Ability to remove deteriorated or sound concrete at a substantially faster rate with less labor than traditional pneumatic methods.
  • Regulating cutting depths
  • Leaves rebar exposed and removes of rust
  • Works on horizontal, vertical, overhead surfaces
  • Leaves a sound, irregular surface for the new concrete repairs or overlay to bond to
  • No spark, fumes, and minimal dust thus works in confined spaces and other industrial cleaning applications
  • Reduced vibration and micro-fracturing typically associated with pneumatic removal methods
  • Reduced noise and sound vibrations
  • Can be programmed to only remove unwanted coatings or for surface Scarification
  • Electronically Driven Units or hand lances for precise removal.
  • Extreme maneuverability

Structures is the first and only Colorado based contractor to own and offer computer controlled, robotic hydro-demolition services. As such, we are also on the forefront of “going green” by controlling runoff wastewater and adhering to environmental concerns associated with the hydro-demolition process due to our 100% filtration capabilities. Our methods include removing particles larger than 5 microns, pH balance, oil-water separation, softening, and cooling.

This recycle and treatment process results in the use of substantially less water throughout the project and eliminates environmental contamination once complete. Our fleet of specialized removal equipment, vacuum trucks, water tankers and filtration methods has allowed us to complete several Fast Track bridge deck rehabilitation projects on time and within budget while minimizing impacts to the traveling public.

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